Monday, March 29, 2010

the full weekend

friday we finally enrolled julla in ballet class at nty children's camp.  (she will start on april 5.)  then got her white dress for her moving up come sunday.

saturday we went to taekwondo practice with migo.  it was announced that the team will be moving to the new (high-tech great facility) gym next week.  migo was commended for getting the gold during the last tournament.  he and clarence are now called the tirador ng novice of the team.

after tkd, we went to trinoma with one objective: to get the kids new shoes.  lunch at sbarro.  finally got that brand new black adidas with transparent stripes for migo and cute white baby doll shoes for julla which she will wear too for the moving up.  afterwhich, they played for an hour at kidzone.  i took the chance to get some stuff for myself too at zara and shoebox.  hee-hee!! we got home around 8:30.  while facebooking later, i realized we completely forgot about Earth Hour which was scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.  

sunday was THE day.  my mom tagged along for julla's moving up ceremonies at the valenzuela convention center.  what a pleasant surprise for us to find out that she got the multi-intelligence award -- the highest lang naman in her class.  :)  of course, the little girl was oblivious to the joy and pride we, her parents and grandparent, felt.  the only prize she requested was lunch at mcdonald's.

later in the afternoon, we went kite-flying at the luneta grandstand.  there's something about the freedom of a flying kite that set off a wonderful feeling inside.  the kids loved running around the large open space.  i could tell hubby was enjoying too.  it was just unfortunate it wasn't as windy as the last time we were there.  after about two hours, we were off to fastfood dinner and mass at the adamson church (san vicente de paul parish)  oh, a calesa ride too...  migo and julla, although have already ridden a horse in baguio before, were squealing in excitement.

home by 9pm.  all's well.  it was a tiring weekend but happy and fulfilling as well.  we've created memories again for our kids.  it's all that really matters.

ok, so i'm back at work.  although only a 3-day workweek (it's holy week!) it still promises to be a lot in my hands, what with an impending announcement of some major changes in the company's corporate structure.  good luck to all of us.

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