Monday, June 14, 2010


"....can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars?  i could really use a wish right now...wish right now...."  -b.o.b. featuring hayley williams

as i listen to these lines in full volume with my kids playing /annoying each other at the same time in the background, i anxiously count down the hours till it's time to go to migo's new school.  it has been a long time since it felt like this. 

it's less than 24 hours now.

as i've said in a previous post, migo will be transferring to a new school.  i have the jitters more than he for it is like starting all over again.  he will be in a different environment: new classmates, new teachers, new opportunities and challenges, new schedules... new life.  he is going into uncharted territory and he doesn't know it but i know it's scary. 

i remember the first time i was going to ride an airplane. i was so excited.  i knew i was going to experience something new, discover a new country and learn new things.  little did i know  that going there, we will experience something else while flying. during flight, there is such a thing as clear air turbulence wherein there are no cumulus clouds and there is erratic movement of air.  they cannot be seen by the pilot and usually catches them by surprise.  the passengers of the airplane usually feels a jolt, much like when riding a car and you drive over potholes.  only here, you're suspended in air and you don't know what could happen.  after a while, once past these air pockets, the ride becomes smooth again.

tomorrow is a turning point in my son's life.  i admit i'm afraid of the air pockets he may encounter for the next ten months in the new school.  for i know he has to do this alone.  me and hubby can only sit in the sidelines and let him do his stuff.  but just as we let him get into the taekwondo court by himself, we will be confidently looking on, believing he will make it through, supporting him and shouting, Go Migo!

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