Tuesday, June 01, 2010


today, migo will start academic tutorials near his new school.  last week, hubby and i visited two tutorial centers just outside the school to check out what they offer and all that.  both gave us some sort of preview on what to expect when migo starts schooling at the new school.  they've been tutoring students from the school for years now and they are more or less familiar with the goings-on there. 

funny how, back when i was in grade school, tutors are for those who are slow/cannot cope/not so intelligent students.  it seems that nowadays, even the bright kids are on it what with the demands of going to traditional school.

yes, migo is going to a trad.  ironic that i've been scouting for progressive schools ever since he was an infant and have been dead set on it for the longest time.  but our family circumstances make it not possible for him to go to such.  for one thing, our home is not in the vicinity of them progressive schools.  i am left to choose between a local trad school and this one just outside our city which is known for its high educational standards.  so i chose this.

meanwhile, julla is still going to kindergarten in a progressive pre-school just near our place.  eventually, when she goes to grade school, we just might enrol her in migo's school too.

decisions.  decisions.  i hope we're making the right ones for our kids.  we only want what's best for them.