Thursday, June 10, 2010


yesterday i met an old soul just like me.  we already met about 2 months ago and i guess, being the "way we are", didn't really get to know each other immediately.  see, she and i... we're slow to warm up to people.  funny i didn't see the connection from the start.  

so we talked about my sick uncle, irregular bowel movement, her stint down under, my kid's school, her kilig love story, her design portfolio, my choice of church for my wedding.  

speaking of weddings, she's getting married next year.  her fiance is aries, just like my hubby.  she's pisces which was an omg moment because although i was born aquarian, i strongly believe that i am a pisces.  (i was born premature, 2 weeks early but that is another long story worthy of another blog entry.  well, next time.)

which led us to find out that we feel the same way about a lot of things, we handle situations the same way and that we are both "listeners" not "talkers."  that we experienced the same emotions on our first few weeks at work and that we dealt with it in the same manner.

thus, reaffirms my belief that every person we meet was meant to be a part of our life.  that there are no meetings by accident.  that god lets them come our way for a reason.  and that they will have a particular role in our existence.

for now, i still don't know yet her role in mine or my role in hers.   i just know we clicked.  like a snap of a finger.

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