Thursday, June 24, 2010


this is the post i was composing before my uncle passed away and only got the chance to be posted today.

julla announced last weekend, while watching a local noontime show on tv, that "mommy, crush ko yan.  ano name nyan?"

"si elmo.  elmo magalona yan, anak ni francis magalona."

she stares.  "ahh...elmo..." contemplates.

last month, she declared that she had 5 crushes:  "si baste, (counting with her fingers) si justin bieber, si japoy, si kuya macky.... at si.... kuya migo!"

should i be worried?  elmo makes 6!

so here's the top 5:

1.  baste luna is the character of jhake vargas in the now defunct tv series "first time" which starred him, joshua dionisio and this girl named barbie who julla idolizes/likes/imitates and she thinks they look alike.

2. justin bieber.  we all know who he is.  if you don't, you're OLD.  here's my super wide grin at ya!  :D

3. japoy lizardo is that boy in the milo commercial who is a known local taekwondo player.  i somehow think he resembles jhake, maybe because of the hairstyle.  i think he's her first crush back when she was 3 years old.

4.  macky is migo's teammate in taekwondo who's a varsity player of ateneo.  julla saw him in one of migo's matches and decided he was cute.  a few weeks ago, we were at practice and i noticed him sitting with his girlfriend.  i pointed them to julla and told her that the girl beside him was his girlfriend.  she looked at her, sizing her up.  i mischievously asked her, "sino mas maganda sa inyong dalawa?"  she considered this and without batting an eyelash, she replied, "ako."

5.  migo, well, she adores her brother a lot.  which is a good thing.  despite them fighting often.

i must say, with her choices above, my kid knows cute.  eh? 

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