Wednesday, March 17, 2010

phlegmatic me and my choleric mom

so last monday, i was able to inquire at the new school and hubby and i have finally decided, most probably, that migo's going to transfer there next schoolyear.  

next on the agenda was to secure the requirements before migo could take the entrance exams.  i had to call the old school to ask them for a photocopy of migo's report card until the 3rd quarter and a certificate of good moral character.  

teacher S was the one who answered the phone and i told her about the situation.  she told me that i can have everything when they release the report card on april 12.  unfortunately, entrance exams at the new school is only till april 8.  so i had to call teacher S again to explain the predicament and request her kindly, if she could provide everything at least on april 5.  she kindly said yes, albeit reluctantly, because she said there were a lot of activities right now and everyone there is busy.  it turned out that SHE was the one who will prepare AND release the certificate.  which infuriated me a bit, coz it was only an effin' piece of paper which i was SO sure already has a template and only needs her effin' signature!  but i was calm.  kind even, to this soft-spoken teacher who has been the recipient of my complaints for the past schoolyear.  phlegmatic personality me.

after i put down the phone, my first instinct was to call my choleric personality mother.  

mom, i need your super powers.  text me when you're back in the office so i can call you.  thanks.  nothing serious. text message sent.

as expected, she cannot -- would not accept the excuse of this teacher.  her solution was fairly simple:  write a letter to the principal and personally bring it to her and talk her into releasing the gawd-forsaken certificate!

the following day wasn't very eventful but a significant one.  she went to the old school, found that both the principal and teacher S were not around at nine a.m.  so she left the letter with another teacher there.  later, she called and, voila, teacher S answered.

same excuses were told to my mother, who was never the slightest bit discouraged.  she was not to be brushed aside by this woman.

her words, verbatim:  ganito na lang.  tatawag ako uli on thursday to remind you that i will pick up that document on friday afternoon.  ok?  she told this thrice to the equally unfazed teacher who kept saying that my mother has to wait.

until finally, alam mo kase teacher, kaya lilipat ang apo ko, kase gusto nya mag-soccer.  eh sa notre may soccer field.  e kayo wala kayong soccer field.   kaya tatawag ako uli sa thursday to remind you that i will pick up that certificate on friday afternoon.  okay?

sometimes, although i won't admit it, i really love my mom for being so choleric.  

1)  phlegmatic
2) choleric
3) sanguine
4) melancholic

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