Saturday, March 20, 2010

summer breezin'

summer has officially started for migo this past week.  julla still has classes this week until her 'moving up' on the 28th.  

just as i have done last summer, i've started giving them daily schedules which has different activities for the day which they have to follow so as to ensure that they don't just play the computer all day.  these activities include their morning bath,  reading a chapter of a certain book (for migo), answering pages i downloaded and printed  (for both of them) so as not to get rusty on academics. there's playtime (as in, play with toys or go to playground), naptime, eating time and their favorite, computer games (limited to 1 hour per kid.  i believe that it's important to regulate this, not deprive.)

their schedule looks like this:

they are supposed to check the boxes of those that they've finished doing.  at the end of the day, when i get home from work, i check each of their activities.  they get a reward come weekend.  

aside from this, migo still has taekwondo practice three times a week and we're enrolling julla in ballet class.  hmm... seems to me we're gonna have a busy summer.

what are your kids doing this hot season?

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