Wednesday, March 24, 2010

photographs and memories

i've just recovered pictures from my old hard disk and transferred them in my laptop.  thanks to val, our IT person here in the office.  i'm so glad i got everything back.  i was worried for a while there because the pictures date back to 2007.  that's 3 years worth of memories lost if ever they were unrecovered!  

i remember the first time my computer crashed.  we couldn't retrieve the old files.  never mind the files, i was really more concerned about the pictures which dated back to when we first had a digital camera when migo was, what, 2 years old?  you can imagine how desperate i was.  baby pictures of my panganay were lost!  darn this technology, right?  

used to be that i had photo albums when i was a kid until i was a teen until hubby and i were going steady, eventually engaged and then got married.  our wedding album was 3lbs heavy.  up until migo was 2 years old, we kept real photgraphs in real photo albums.  none in cds, computers, usbs, external hard drives or photo-sharing websites which we have now.  now i can't imagine myself painstakingly inserting picture after picture in an adhesive-laiden book, just as i'd done more than seven years ago.

ahhh...memories... you can never have too much of them.  i realize now that people actually create activities for family and friends so we can have beautiful memories together.  these memories we put inside that little chip inside our brains, store there and retrieve every now and then, to make us feel happy and fulfilled.

i'm getting a dslr soon.  :)

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