Monday, March 15, 2010

summer heat

and so another weekend has come and gone.  summer is here.  we are definitely feeling the heat.  our electricity bill shot up to 5,800 bucks from 4,600 last month.  due to a lot of airconditioning plus electric fan plus the fact that the ice shaver for the snow cone machine downstairs may have been eating up a lot too.  i better start charging my brother for that soon. 

more expenses coming our way.  there's the taekwondo tournament this coming weekend.  then there's julla's moving up the next weekend.  ballet lessons for julla's summer activity too.  plans for a summer getaway.  migo transfering to a new school also entails more moolah needed a.s.a.p.  also there's the plans for a car and a new house.  wonder how we can get through the next 3 months...

the heat is on!

well the important thing is we're getting through this together.  and i know the kids are oblivious to all this but as long as they're happy, i don't mind.

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