Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the 4th gold


i could get used to this.  migo winning the gold, tournament after tournament.  even the silver may not make me that happy after today.  he has turned into a (cute little) monster on the taekwondo court.  he's become unstoppable.  his speed and accuracy has upped to a different level compared to those in his level.  that's my opinion.  i'm his mom.

he was promoted to blue belt two weeks ago.  last friday, i bought his blue belt in time for the tournament yesterday.  binyagan mo ng gold yang belt mo ha, was his dad's words to him before his first fight.

i'm so proud of what he's achieved so far, at seven years old.  i know he could do so much more once he sets his mind to it.  next schoolyear, we're targeting ... soccer!  :)

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