Tuesday, May 10, 2011

can i have a drink?

last week, we fetched the little big man about thirty minutes late and found him at the church corridor with his cousin, the other godson.  before he jumped in the car, he asked his dad to roll down his side of the car window and told him.

dad give me 18 pesos.  i need to pay the ate who let us drink this.  he was holding a foil packed orange juice.

the hubby handed him some change and he skipped/hopped/sped away towards the front of the church.

when he came back he told us his story.  he and the other godson were sitting waiting  for me and hubby and they were verrry thirsty.  so he went over to the "ate" vendor

ate, can i buy 2 drinks because me and my cousin are soooo thirsty.  i'll pay later when my dad arrives.

the good ate gave them.  true to his word, the little big man did when we arrived.  so the hubby drove around the church to see where the ate was vending juice and as we drove by, the little big man rolled down his window and shouted, thank you ate!

after rolling back up the window, he seemed proud of himself.  then told us, i will befriend that ate.  so when time comes, she may give me free drinks. 

toink.  i guess he's learning the ropes pretty well at his age.

***the little big man has been attending for three days per week for about 4 weeks now,  seminars on becoming a church altar boy.  and he's scheduled to be "ordained" (i don't know what it's called) on friday, coinciding with th feast of our lady of fatima, our parish church.

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