Wednesday, May 04, 2011


i did mention that we've sort of officially adopted the teenage godson yeah?  when that boy was a baby, the hubby was still the boyfriend at the time, i took care of him and loved him like my own.  now that he's grown, still needing  parental love and care, we're still here for him because we've accepted the fact that he needs us.

and then there's the other godson.
i've been ranting, but not blogging, about how irresponsible parents he had and why the heck they're making others, hubby and i in particular, take responsibility over his needs.  just last week, i decided to shun him out because i felt abused by his parents, letting him stay at our house during the holy week break, and THEN making him come back the very next day after i returned him to their house and THEN telling my mom i am discriminating their son.

until a spark of enlightenment came over the hubby yesterday morning and told me, you know what, it's not that boy's fault.  he is already unlucky that his parents aren't taking care of him and can't give him their best time and effort.  and while our kids are enjoying our love and affection, why not let him share in that?  after all, God has been blessing us so much that maybe, He wants us to be a blessing to others as well.  and just like that, we decided to take him in and be pseudo parents to him as well. 

it's a liberating feeling to accept something that i've staved off for so long. 
so now here's our little, but growing, brood of 4....

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