Wednesday, May 25, 2011


today, i ditched cabbing and rode the bus (and jeep) to work.  it was not fun.  the bus, although airconditioned, was slightly old and rusty.  it stopped and picked up passengers in the most unlikely corners and the movie playing was that of sylvester stallone, jet li, dolph lundgren and that cute guy from the transporter.  (what's his name, google? uhh.. yeah, jason statham).  to get to my next stop took me about 40 minutes.  then took a 5-minute jeepney ride to the office. 

it wasn't the best morning of my life.  i couldn't bring out my samsung galaxy tab and tweet or listen to music.  i was cramped in the seat right above the bus' tire.  my seatmate had her arm on top of mine.  

this is what i had to endure fora savings of 130 bucks today.

(130 x 5 days = 650bucks a week!!)

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