Monday, May 30, 2011

fast cars

  i guess i'm one of the few people who appreciates fast cab drivers.  i like it when i'm on a cab that spotaneously whizzes by other cars along edsa.  i like it when we criss-cross lanes and get ahead of all the other vehicles, be it a commuter bus, an all-power SUV or a latest model high-end car.  it gives me an early morning high as i turn up the volume on my headphones and psyche myself up for another day at work.  yes, i succumbed to cabbing again today.

anyway, when i thought about it now, the reason why i like it is because the hubby drives in a laid back manner, always letting other vehicles get ahead of us.  he's not the type who would race with a fellow vehicle on the road.  he is never in a hurry to get to where we're going.  and i am so used to cars who whiz past ours.  

well, so maybe i like the occasional rush but then again, i will always be comfortable with the hubby's driving.  thank God he's a very cautious and defensive driver.  our little family should always be safe.

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